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Shaping Your Future

Circle Line Partners is a boutique search firm dedicated to one thing: Results! As your business partner, we provide comprehensive search, recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding solutions that are cost-effective and can be executed quickly.

We selectively work with clients that fit a tight profile: companies that are growing, focused on culture, and are partnership-oriented. We specialize in learning your business so thoroughly that we are able understand what it will take to be successful in your industry, in your company, on your team, and in that specific role. Then we pinpoint the right candidates for you.

We can help your growing company in the following areas:

Executive Search & Recruit:

We identify and engage only the highest quality candidates with the skills, experience, and knowledge needed for high performance environments.


We work with you to develop a Hiring Plan unique to your company, to ensure a tight and sustainable process for choosing great candidates and achieving successful offer/acceptance.


We connect with and introduce you to key players in your industry to help you to build a bench, and create a seamless and on-going recruitment strategy so that you’re always prepared for what happens next.


We are invested in making sure both you and your great candidates experience worry-free transitions. We take care of references and can assist you with new start on-boarding plans.


We use assessment tools to reinforce the recruiting process. We profile your team, create a “DNA” blueprint, and find candidates that fit your profile. We talk through assessment results with you to ensure culture fit. We can use the same assessment tools to benchmark your existing team to support training and development goals.

Candidate Services:

We assist job seekers, as well! If you are starting a search for a new job, and would like support in resume writing, developing a dynamic and effective LinkedIn profile, networking, and interview skills, please contact us for an initial consultation.


We truly partner with our clients, and together we achieve RESULTS.

Who We Are

Circle Line Partners is named after the busy Underground Subway “Tube” line that surrounds much of metropolitan London, England – a city close to our hearts! This popular loop connects London’s inner circle to train lines crisscrossing the country.

Our mission is similar – the connections & networks we develop help keep our clients on track!

Our deep business acumen enables us to understand your business and your company’s needs. Our combined 30 years of professional intuition about people and culture means we can help you draft the right talent for your company.

Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery is a highly effective Senior Recruiter who leverages relationship skills along with social media & business acumen to make successful hires. With a 12 year track record of successfully locating, identifying and closing top candidate talent, Michelle utilizes a collaborative approach to exceed client expectations.

Michelle pairs her deep recruitment background with a global business perspective. Working across a range of industries, Michelle is able to utilize best practices while working to establish and improve client recruiting and hiring processes. Michelle is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio Having spent 10 years working in London, England and Dublin, Ireland she now resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and 4 young children.

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If you are interested in learning more about CLP and how we can help you achieve recruiting and hiring success, please

We are honored that our clients believe in us!

“I would highly recommend CLP to any company! They are prompt, professional and deliver top-notch candidates, all with a focus on enhancing our culture. They saved us hundreds of hours and filled over 50 positions in the past 8 months. We could not have grown our business without this unique partnership.”

Jack K.
General Manager – Engineering Solutions Firm